A tribute to Saint Anthony

I went to Sevilla’s cathedral the other day (which is the biggest one in the world, they have the certificate to prove it).

Besides being amazingly beautiful and full of fascinating bits of history, it proved to be of great service to me. I went with a group of other Language and Culture Assistants, and with our lovely student ID cards admission was free (a fantastic perk considering our less than fabulous stipend and the fact that we don’t get paid for over a month). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my card. I dug through my purse and finally concluded that I had to have lost it at some point. So I reluctantly paid the 8€ admission. I was pretty bummed about having to do this, but forgot about it as soon as we walked into the cathedral. It’s one of those places that draws a very authentic jaw dropping reaction; I looked from the floor up to the ceiling 42 meters above my head and had to turn in a couple circles before being able to say anything but “Wow.”

We spent the next couple hours wandering from chapel to chapel, climbing to the top of the 90 meter Giralda, discussing whether el Mausoleo de Cristobal Colón actually holds Columbus’ remain or not, and enjoying Rick Steve’s often comical descriptions of what we were seeing.

Columbus’ tomb

After exhausting the strength of our legs, we found ourselves sitting in front of the chapel where baptisms take place.

Looking over this chapel is St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things. People pray to St. Anthony to help them find such things as faith, missing family members, a husband, or lost car keys. So I’m sitting in a pew in front if this chapel, with Anthony looking down at me, and I open my purse to get my water bottle out. I reach into my purse, and my hand comes out with my “lost” student ID card, no longer missing. How’s that for creepy? Thanks, Anthony!

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4 Responses to A tribute to Saint Anthony

  1. Matt says:

    Nice. I went to that Cathedral two summers ago, but I had a less than stellar tour guide with me. I didn't even know that Columbus tomb is (maybe) there until after I got home and read about it. Did you auxiliars in Andalucia start already? We don't start until October (Extremadura). Thanks for the tip on the student discount.

  2. Amy says:

    Our "tour guide" was just one of us reading out of Rick Steve's, but it was great! There's a group of us here in Andalucia already taking a month of Spanish classes before we start work in October. We've been in Sevilla for two weeks and there's another group arriving tomorrow.

  3. Lena gil says:

    You are a very talented writer and I'm glad you are giving me the chance to live vicariously through you and your adventures of life and self discovery

  4. Amy says:

    Thanks, Lena! Glad you like it!

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