Under the weather

Unfortunately I still don’t have internet en mi casa, and probably won’t for another couple weeks. My roommate and I ordered our router and internet package over a week ago, but we’re in Spain: mañana mañana.

I promise to blog about all the wonderful details of my two jobs and 200+ students, who have already been kind enough to share their germs with me and give me a cold. But for now I don’t feel up to it. I’m using borrowed internet, have no voice, and will unfortunately not be going to Granada this weekend as planned. When you’re sick the last thing you want to do is pack a bag, get on a bus, and sleep in some place besides your own bed.

For all of these reasons I’m feeling a little bit pouty and feel like sharing a list of things that I miss from the States. Don’t get me wrong, life is beautiful here, but if I could have the following things it would be even better:

  • Carpet (tile is hard and will be very cold in the winter)
  • Beer served in a size that takes me more than two gulps to finish
  • Mexican food
  • Not having to watch for dog shit every where I walk
  • People who appreciate the flow of foot traffic on sidewalks and don’t stop with their granny carts in the middle of a three-foot-wide path to chat, forcing you to squeeze by them, only for them to give you a bizarre look and wonder why you could possibly have wanted to pass them anyway
  • My pets
Megatron and Dudley

Missing from the pictures is my running buddy, Duke, a handsome, hopelessly stupid, but endlessly sweet, German Shepherd.

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night (probably because I can’t breathe through my nose very well) and rolled over. Instinctively, I was very careful to not kick the bottom left corner of my bed because that’s where my cat, Dudley (the larger brown one), sleeps. But then I remembered that I am in Spain, and he is not, and I got very sad. But I talked to my mom today and all pets are accounted for and doing well.

On a final note, today is my mom’s birthday. I tried convincing her that she should go see Jackass 3D for her birthday; I know my brothers would gladly accompany her. But she insists that she would rather go feed carrots to my uncle’s horses. Regardless, happy birthday, Mom! I love you!

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