Little moments

Just a few of the little moments from my day today that are the reasons I love what I do:

Prior to making hand turkeys for Thanksgiving, I was explaining to my six year olds, in a mix of Spanish and English, “Tomorrow there is a holiday in the United States that we don’t celebrate in Spain. It’s called Thanksgiving, and there is a big dinner with lots of food.” At this point one of my more outgoing students, Ana, interrupts me with (in Spanish), “I can’t go, I’m busy tomorrow.” What a shame, I had bought her a plane ticket to go to my parents’ house and now she can’t make it.

Fast forward to a private lesson this evening with a 27 year old. I’m telling him a much more accurate version of the story of the first Thanksgiving than I did with any of my kids, and I find myself explaining the meaning of the phrasal verb “to freeze to death.” I explain that this is when you get so cold that you die. He exclaims, “Like Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic!” Yes, yes indeed. That is just what happened to dear Jack. He then flails his arms in the air, pretending to slowly sink as Rose lets go of his hand. He was now making fun of me because I had previously divulged just how in love I was with Leo when the movie came out when I was ten. Mission accomplished? Yes, he now fully understands the meaning of “to freeze to death.”

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