My favorite time of year

Me and my flip flops in the Alhambra

Flip flop weather has arrived! This Californian will always and forever wear flip flops when ever humanly possible, and that time of year has begun. I can finally go to work without a scarf and not be scolded by every other teacher for not dressing properly (Although most of them are still wearing scarves, they realize it’s acceptable not to at this point).

I realize that my summer shoe choice will always brand me as a tourist. Yesterday I walked into a second grade class, wearing my flip flops, of course. A girl took one look at my feet, scrunched up her face in confusion, and asked “¿Has ido a la playa?” No, I laughed, I didn’t come from the beach. Even at eight years old she knew something was a little strange.

This Andalucían sun, which I believe has settled in long term, calls me out to play each day, and begs me not to enter that cold building each time I go to work, reluctantly leaving such glorious rays behind me. I have actively changed my route I walk to work each day in order to avoid shaded walk ways and maximize my time in the sun. With day light savings time this past weekend (a few weeks later than the U.S.) the sun is rising earlier, and I purposely leave my blinds open so I can wake up to it in the morning.

Winter may have been wet and dreary, but this was worth waiting for. A thought came across my mind today as I lamented having to go indoors in order to teach a few classes. How can anyone possibly work when there is sun to be basked in? And then I realized, this might explain Málaga’s 30% unemployment rate. It all makes sense. Temperature and unemployment seem to be directly correlated, and Málaga is at the top of that scale.

Some visual evidence of this marvelous climate I live in: I took full advantage of the sun this weekend, spending Saturday hiking in the beautiful Sierra Huétor near Granada.

Nothing quite like a siesta on top a mountain

I finally invested in a large bottle of sunscreen. Andalucía, keep bringing on the sun. I’m ready.

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