My idiot brother

My brother recently informed me that I am a failure as a blogger. Why? Because there is no mention of him anywhere in my blog.

Dear readership, I must apologize. I’ve been depriving you all. Keeping you in the dark. Allow me to introduce you to Robby.

He’s 21, he’s an EMT, and he’s going to school to be a nurse (All male nurse jokes are welcome now). He enjoys long walks on the beach. He’s naturally gifted at any sport he tries. He once went to school without shoes and had to call our mom to bring him some from home.

He’s a lefty. He’s a fantastic goalie. He’s extremely protective of me and has only ever approved of one of my boyfriends. He sometimes sweats when he reads. His favorite NCAA basketball team is Duke and he wrote a paper on Coach K. in high school. He would rather be hit by a bus than go vegetarian. He thinks that when I leave the country everything in my room belongs to him (Such as my clock, fan, mp3 player). He has been known to run into my room, turn and point his butt at me, fart, and sprint away. When the seventh Harry Potter book came out he read it in less than 24 hours. There was a lot of sweating going on.

Ladies, I’m sorry to disappoint, but he is very much taken (and yes, she knows all these things about him).

But obviously, what makes him most awesome is being related to me.

Did I mention that he is only one of my three brothers?

That’s Robby’s “Why am I up at 8am just to see my sister in a stupid hat?” face. Kevin, on the left, is thinking “I hope we go out to eat after this.”

We may not be normal, but I promise we love each other.

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2 Responses to My idiot brother

  1. Epic/Humorous Blog of Robby…i always remembered him for his gifts in sports & his Speed Reading Skills..he did not sweat back in elementary school.

  2. Andrew Smith says:

    you have a very nice intelligent brother. :)prayers for both of you.PulseUniform

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