It was like Christmas

Quick recap of the last five days:

Plane lands in Málaga Friday at 9pm after nearly 24 hours of traveling. Roommate is waiting for me at the airport and rolls my suitcase across the city for me. I’m sitting outside at a café in Plaza Merced with a caña and tapas within two hours. The weekend proceeds with wine, beach, and wonderfully familiar faces.

Guiri-fest en la Malagueta
So glad this chica is back for a second year too

Monday was the first day of work and I got to meet the niños and answer hundreds of questions like “Do you have a boyfriend?” “How old are you?” “Do you like pizza/chocolate/ice cream/chicken?” “Madrid or Barça?” “Do you like the Simpsons?”

Getting resettled in is going amazingly well. So well, in fact, that yesterday felt like Christmas. My roommate can attest to just how much I resembled a giddy child. All of the following things happened within a matter of hours.

  • I got my private classes started up again (a.k.a. travel money),
  • Internet and TV service were set up (we get CNN, BBC, MGM movies, and so much more I haven’t explored yet)
  • Towels and sheets that had gone missing over the summer were returned
  • I finally got around to doing a real grocery shopping trip and properly stocked my kitchen
  • I got my bags back I had left here with a friend over the summer. Going through them was like opening presents because I’d forgotten what was in them.

Don’t even try telling me that most of these things I’m so happy about are just my own things coming back, or things I’m paying for anyway. They made me happier than a pig in shit (to quote my favorite high school teacher), and life in Málaga is officially back.

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1 Response to It was like Christmas

  1. Coty says:

    So true, coming back to Spain to reunite with good friends, eat delicious tapas, hit the beach, and even go back to work made me feel like a kid at christmas. Sometimes I wonder how I'll ever go back to life in the USA.

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