Seven days, a farm, and 50 eleven year olds

If at any point in your life, you should find yourself staying on a farm in rural Madrid for a week with 50 ten and eleven year old Spanish children as a part of an environmental English camp, here are a few things you can expect:

  • You normally see each group of kids for 2 hours per week, meaning it’s been difficult to learn any of their names. But this week, you will know all of them by Tuesday.
  • You will know the three Manuel’s and two Sara’s by last name.
  • You will learn to tell the twins apart by facial features and by personality.
  • You will make friends with four golden retrievers, five horses, two miniature horses, and countless goats, sheep, and pigs.
  • You will teach the kids how to do the electric slide, which most of them will think is the coolest thing ever.
  • Back at school on Monday they will beg, “Teacher, can we dance?”
  • You will help the girls blow dry their hair after shower time. They will love you playing with their hair, and you will now be able to tell them all apart by the backs of their heads.
  • During said girl-bonding time, some of them will drop their pants to show you their days of the week underwear. “Very good, today is Wednesday. Now pull your pants up.”
  • You will here the words “Teacher, can I go to the toilet please?” more than you ever thought possible in your life.
  • You will start having dreams about telling them to put their coats on.
  • By Wednesday you won’t have to argue with them any more about the necessity of a coat. The coastal kids will learn that not everywhere has weather like Málaga.
  •  You will realize just how “city” your kids are when a) half of them are afraid of the horses, b) most of the girls still insist on being pretty and sparkly and pink to go on a hike, and c) one teacher whipping out nail polish results in an absolute mob.
  •  All of them will speak in English. Even the ones who are normally terrified and getting them to speak is like pulling teeth.
  • Working seven days straight, rather than your normal 12 hours per week, will be worth every minute of it.
  • You will have an absolutely amazing time and grow to love your kids more than you ever thought possible.
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      2 Responses to Seven days, a farm, and 50 eleven year olds

      1. Cat says:

        My cunado's ex was the auxiliar there a few years back! What a cool experience.

      2. Salchicha says:

        the electric slide IS the coolest thing ever! :)sounds like someone had herself a very amazing week. love the highlights!

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