The Emerald Isle

I apologize for the dearth of bloggage lately. I’ve been busy freezing my face off in Ireland and England the last two weekends, working in between, and now have three days left to pack and bid farewell and happy holidays to the Spain family before I head home for Christmas on Thursday. Did I mention I’m also still working all this week? That I plan to find time to make Christmas sugar cookies to bring to work? That I still need to do my Christmas shopping? Who needs to sleep anyway?

In the mean time, enjoy a bit of Northern Ireland and Ireland, which is better expressed in pictures than words (especially since I couldn’t understand a word of what some people said there anyway).

Northern Ireland coast
Steak and Guinness pie and a hot toddy
Giant’s Causeway
Belfast Christmas market
Queen of Tarts, please go there when ever you visit Dublin
Mandatory tour of Guinness storehouse
Christ Church Cathedral, which had a Christmas market in its crypt

Feliz Navidad a todos!

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One Response to The Emerald Isle

  1. Ireland looks amazing! I have been living in Spain for some time as well, and although I'll hit Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin before I go back to California next month, Ireland is one place that has evaded me. And such a shame as Guinness is my all-time favorite beer! If you'll excuse me I'm just going to stare at these photos and live vicariously through you for a moment…

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