Knock knock…

Well this is awkward. How about if we just pretend that the last six months didn’t happen and pick up where we left off? And when I say we I mean any readers that might still be out there.

This past year has been one of changes and adjustments. I was working a job I didn’t particularily like (understatement of the year) and didn’t have the option of leaving it or looking for anything else. For Pepe and I it was our first year living together and his first year in Málaga. He was working and going to school full-time. I was trying to be supportive while I was dealing with my own crisis at work. We were living in an apartment that seemed like it would be great, but ended up being the cause of a lot of stress.

Needless to say, some where in the midst of everything not only did this blog drop to the bottom of my priority list, but I also lost all interest in writing. I just wanted to get through the school year. That date on the calender was my light at the end of the tunnel. I didn’t really care what was at the end of the tunnel, just as long as it ended.

Having said that, I can’t write this past year off as one of misery. Of course it’s had its highlights. My relationship with Pepe has only grown stronger. We have a happy little furry family that has just grown to include a new member, and our roots in Málaga are becoming firmer.

Possibly the best two things that have happened to us this year

Possibly the best two things that have happened to us this year

But throughout the year I haven’t completely forgotten about blogging. I still come across things nearly everyday that I want to write about and experiences that I want to share. I don’t know how often I’ll end up blogging, but I’ve decided I want to return. There are things in my life I want to share, opinions I want to elaborate, and stories I want to tell.

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One Response to Knock knock…

  1. tobyo says:

    I’m still here! and I want to encourage you to keep writing. of course as time allows. I understand completely! I started a new job in April and it’s been intense! I came from a job/situation that I hated and it took over a year to get out of. so…chin up! you will get through it.

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