Paris, June 2011

Hi. I’m Amy. I’m a twenty-something Southern California native living and teaching English on the Costa del Sol in Spain.

When I started college the very first place I sought out on campus was the study abroad office. My first attempt at moving overseas failed before it even started. The program I’d signed up for in Ireland and Scotland was cancelled due to low enrollment, and I was left with a nonrefundable plane ticket. I did the only logical thing and changed the dates and locations on it and backpacked across Australia for six weeks with two of my cousins.


Sydney, July 2007

I came back and got straight to work researching attempt number two at studying abroad. A year later I was in Rome, where I spent a semester eating gelato, playing in ancient ruins, and learning Italian.


Ostia Antica (Rome), November 2008

Once again, I came home and immediately turned back around looking for my next opportunity to dive in to a new country. I reviewed my high school Spanish, went and got myself a CELTA certificate, and set my sights on a teaching opportunity in southern Spain, where I’ve lived since fall of 2010.

Sevilla, March 2011

Sevilla, March 2011


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