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Looking back at Rome

A lot of the twenty-something Americans in Spain are here with a similar back story. In college they studied abroad in Granada or Valladolid or Madrid and one semester just wasn’t enough. After graduation they came running back with another … Continue reading

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Why is Spain so “bad” at English?

I am immune to Spain’s economic crisis. I will likely never be part of the 26.8% national unemployment nor the 57% youth unemployment. Every time that I have looked for work, I have been contacted and offered a job by … Continue reading

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The Animal Protection Society of Málaga

“Can you hear them?” I asked Pepe one Sunday in early June. He stopped and listened for a moment, and grinned in response. We had taken the bus to the far north of the city, past Ciudad Jardín, and were making … Continue reading

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My 2 Cents on 3 Years as a Language and Culture Assistant

As anyone who’s read much of anything on this blog might know, I’ve been working in Spain in a program through the Ministry of Education called Auxiliares de Conversación. To provide the very briefest summary, the program places native English … Continue reading

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Knock knock…

Well this is awkward. How about if we just pretend that the last six months didn’t happen and pick up where we left off? And when I say we I mean any readers that might still be out there. This … Continue reading

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