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My 2 Cents on 3 Years as a Language and Culture Assistant

As anyone who’s read much of anything on this blog might know, I’ve been working in Spain in a program through the Ministry of Education called Auxiliares de Conversación. To provide the very briefest summary, the program places native English … Continue reading

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Up in the air

My life and future are up in the air. I’ve played all of my cards and am now waiting to see what the dealer has. I’ve turned in paperwork, applied for jobs, been turned down by a whole lot and … Continue reading

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5 Things to Consider Before Working Abroad- Tripping guest post

By far the most common responses I get from readers are questions about moving overseas, finding work, and setting up a life. I had many of the same questions before I came, so I understand perfectly. The folks over at … Continue reading

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Want my life?

I’m well aware that a good portion of this blog is dedicated to bragging about how awesome my life is. No apologies. I just speak the truth. However, I’m not completely heartless. So I’ll let you all in on how … Continue reading

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Why being American sucks, sometimes

I love my life in Spain, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes (okay, a lot), it can be a bit unwelcoming to foreigners, and especially to Americans. Let me give you two examples from this past week: I went to … Continue reading

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