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My 2 Cents on 3 Years as a Language and Culture Assistant

As anyone who’s read much of anything on this blog might know, I’ve been working in Spain in a program through the Ministry of Education called Auxiliares de Conversación. To provide the very briefest summary, the program places native English … Continue reading

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The revelation

Remember back when I talked about that little secret I kept from my students? They didn´t know that I speak Spanish. It was great in that it forced them to use English any way they could to communicate with me. … Continue reading

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How to get your Spanish students to pronounce the letter H

I was doing a lesson with my fourth graders on transportation vocabulary. Bus, train, car, boat. I go to school by car. I go to the park by bus. You get the picture. One of the vocabulary words was helicopter. … Continue reading

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In which my body becomes a classroom prop

Last week I was teaching my students vocabulary for physical descriptions of people. Lesson learned: Spaniards are not shy and do not sugar coat, especially when it comes to the human body. Example 1: I was explaining the slight difference … Continue reading

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A little bit louder now

Spain is a loud country. No if’s and’s or but’s about it. If you’ve ever been here you undoubtedly agree. If you want to be heard, you simply speak louder than anything and everyone around you. After a year and … Continue reading

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