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Looking back at Rome

A lot of the twenty-something Americans in Spain are here with a similar back story. In college they studied abroad in Granada or Valladolid or Madrid and one semester just wasn’t enough. After graduation they came running back with another … Continue reading

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Last month for me ended with a much needed girls’ weekend in Valencia. Although we didn’t get the beach weather we were hoping for, it could have been a blessing in disguise because now it’s a reason to go back … Continue reading

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When life gets in the way of blogging

I know you’re all extremely concerned and have probably sent out search parties for me, but rest assured I’m still here. I’ve just been busy with, you know, the normal. A few trips to Valencia, Madrid, and Segovia, hopping around … Continue reading

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Worldly possessions

Most people have in their homes a fair number of things that are very important to them, many irreplaceable. There are probably lots of old photographs, antiques passed down from grandparents, and baby’s first shoes tucked away in a chest … Continue reading

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5 Things to Consider Before Working Abroad- Tripping guest post

By far the most common responses I get from readers are questions about moving overseas, finding work, and setting up a life. I had many of the same questions before I came, so I understand perfectly. The folks over at … Continue reading

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